The Investigation of Pepe Chavez Et Al (series)

My opinion: Special Prosecutor Mueller has wrapped up “his” Russian Collusion investigation. My guess is his investigators have discovered that the “collusion” is not with the Trump campaign, but that investigative leads point to the dems. Moreover, he knows he (and others on his investigative team) has a conflict of interest to follow the leads any further. He knows his integrity is at risk; his only option is to conclude his role in this search for Russian Collusion; conclude it with indictments of the superfluous financial criminal activity his investigators unsuspectingly discovered in this politically consigned rabbit hole of investigations. Basis of speculation: First) the focus of this indictment seems to be financial crimes. The indictment also contains counts of conspiracy. My experience tells me “conspiracy” indictments include all known names of two or more co-conspirators and known, or unknown, “unnamed” co-conspirators. My experience tells me that all “conspirators” known to be involved this financial crime(s) conspiracy have been included in this indictment; that if ever, there are more indictments to come the crimes cited will be financial crimes—not Russian Collusion. Second) Mueller—to maintain his character—will make a “suggestion” to the DOJ (and Congress) to appoint a new special prosecutor to continue the investigation into the real corruption—the criminal conspiracy of the dems.

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I'm hearing the Pres. Trump is releasing previously secreted documents from the Pres Kennedy assassination on Thurs. Why now? Previous Presidents have refused to release them. My sense is it's Pres Trump's attempt--ahead of the inevitable Comey/ Hilary debacle releases--as a prelude, to inform the public that the FBI/ CIA are not infallible. I am almost certain that the newly released Kennedy investigation docs will show for the first time since J. Edgar Hoover, these revelations will be "major" embarrassing to the FBI/ CIA. Pres Trump plan, Phase II, Comey/ Hillary/ Bill/ Obama. Wait for it; wait for it...

Oct 23rd 5:10am • No Comments, another Pres. Trump "tweet" is proved to have merit. Time to move on CNN to some other BS, insignificant criticism to recharge your "fake news" audience.

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So, does this tell us just who the "haters" really are, and where the good citizens of Baltimore should look for them?

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Readers, remember the Portland Police Bureau (Oregon) Special Investigations Division (SID) scandal of the late ‘70s/ early ‘80s? (Vol 1. Chapter 3. Pages 19-23) From my perspective, the United States Department of Justice is in a similar situation as was Portland Police Bureau (Oregon) back then. The similarities: In 1980, administrators in PPB and the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office heard wind of potential corruption within some units of the SID narcotics unit. Now in 2016/2017, administrators in the US Executive Branch and the DOJ have wind of potential corruption in the FBI. In 1981, PPB and MCDA were faced with the dilemma of pursuing the rumors with full understanding discovery of corruption would diminish the effectiveness, trust, and operations of the narcotics unit for years to come. Reorganization and reforming to re-establish operations and repair trust would be a formidable task, all at risk of losing years of effective narcotics enforcement while the organizational changes are planned and implemented. In 1981 PPB and the District Attorney fears materialized. The powers went after the corruption; it took years to recover.

Now, in 2016/2017 there are real signs that the FBI was complicit in the corruption of the Obama administration—certainly complicit in conspiracy with Hillary Clinton. The President, the Executive Branch and the DOJ now face tough decisions. I hope they do the right thing.

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....And, again, what does this say about the integrity of those who voted for her?

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So, as life goes on, I met tonight one who back ('80s) then would have had a fair amount of dislike for this Narc. Unbelievably though, to me, after intros and discussions about our pasts, you would not guess, we got along graciously. I learned; and this one learned. Read my books; Characters/ events validated from the other side too now!

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Truth may be an obscure value for the left, though it's always there for the asking to the open-minded.

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You can stonewall, stonewall as much as you want...but understand this. Truth eventually seeks transparency.

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The definition of “FACTS”: It’s been a pet vexation of mine for years of liberals who profess no “absolutes”. What of the contrast between the definition wrested by the “left” vs. the definition proffered by the “right”. When the word “fact” is evaluated by the left, it’s with a “viewpoint”, “belief”, and/or “attitude” vs. by the right, with “objectivity”, “exactness”, and “rest”. No doubt, as I see it, the definition of the word “fact” has been re-characterized/ reassigned into the “philosophical art” of liberal culture.

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What say you Obama voters? Please answer with some semblance integrity and honor, or don't answer at all!

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The Investigation of Pepe Chavez Et Al (series) shared Judicial Watch's post.

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Here's a newsflash for you Sen Al Franken...

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...unprincipled politics under the guise of vacuous investigation.

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